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Excursion on Mount Teide

We are talking about Mount Teide, among one of the highest volcanoes in the world and the highest peak in Spain, situated in the centre of the island.

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Castillo santa cruz

The Castles of Tenerife

When you think of an island like Tenerife, you think of its sea, its beaches of Los, and its incredible nightlife. We want to tell you about…its castles.

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Trekking masca tenerife

Tenerife Masca Tour

Masca counts about a hundred inhabitants and is one of the smallest villages of Spain, and one of the oldest settlements in the world.

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Trekking Tenerife

Complete guide to trekking in Tenerife

There are a lot of different activities that you can try a Tenerife! One option is represented by trekking: Tenerife is the best spot to do it.

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Typical food tenerife

Traditional Food of Tenerife

In this article you will discover more about the typical dishes of Tenerife, starting from their connection with the traditional Spanish cuisine.

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Teide national park

Tenerife and Teide National Park

In this article we want to talk to you about Teide National Park or Parque Nacional del Teide. The park is situated in the highest part of the Tenerife.

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