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Divertimento parco tenerife

The best adventure park in Tenerife

Tenerife offers natural gifts, such as crystal-clear waters, lush nature and many different species of autochthone vegetation and animals. Located in a privileged position, this island combines its breath-taking landscapes, its unique climate and its unique flora, with well-equipped resorts for tourists.

Amusement parks are part of these facilities. Tenerife offers many parks of different kind. The Forestal Park is huge, surrounded by a wonderful, lush wood called the Forest of Tenerife. It is very different from the other harsh areas present on the island since this protected environment offers the visitors a variety of landscapes.

The largest theme park of the Canary Islands

Forestal Park is the largest adventure park of Tenerife and of all the Canary Islands. Here you will be able to conciliate sports and fun. You can visit the park surrounded by a fascinating natural frame, following a track that will offer both sport activities for different challenges and for relaxing, family-friendly activities.

Activities at the Forestal Park

The park offers more than 90 games and activities on tops of trees and 11 zip-lines. It is open both to adults and children. To take part in its activities you need neither be expert climbers, nor be in perfect shape. At your arrival, you will attend a briefing where you will be given all the necessary information for your safety and use of the protective equipment.

The tracks vary according to their difficulty, from the simplest dedicated to children and families to the most difficult for more expert and courageous adults. The highest passages are at 18 meters of height, but some reach 30 meters. You will always be safe as you will be using two safety hooks. The zip-line is one of the longest in the world: it measures 230 meters.

How to arrive

Forestal park is not far from Teide National Park, in the touristic area of Las Lagunetas, in the town of El Rosario. The park is along the road which connects Teide with La Laguna so it can be easily reached no matter from where you arrive. If you come from the north along the TF5 road or from the south along the TF1 and TF2 as far as the TF5, when you get to the roundabout, follow the directions for La Esperanza El Teide.

Opening times and prices

The park is open all year round, even during the weekends and school holidays. The opening times vary according to the seasons:

- In winter (from November to March) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (last entrance 3 p.m.);

- In summer (from April to October) from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (last entrance 5 p.m.);

The park is closed on Christmas Day, 1st and 6th January

The costs of the tickets:

- Adults (from 13 years of age): 22 euros.

- Residents: 18 euros

- Children (from 5 to 12 years of age, minimum height: 110 cm): 17 euros.

- Residents: 13 euros

Locals must prove their residence through a certificate (residencia or identity card)

Services offered at Forestal Park

The park offers a large car park and many services. Remember to take your warm clothes as the park is at 1,400 meters of height and its climate is quite cold, according to the season. You also need comfortable shoes. Children under 110 cm of height are not allowed as well as expectant mothers, people who weigh more than 130 kg and those who have drunk too much. If you want to follow the sports track you must be over 10 years old and 145 cm tall. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Accommodation facilities close to the park

You can stay close to the park if you want to. The area close to Santa Cruz de Tenerife offers a great variety of accommodation facilities. Near the park you will also find camping sites and beautiful chalets at competitive prices.

Whether you choose the sport track or the family-friendly track, the Forestal Park is worth a visit: you will love it!

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