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Bike hire in Tenerife

Bike tours in Tenerife

Tenerife is becoming one of the favourite destinations for all types of cyclists as it offers a good road network reaching its height at 200 meters on sea level. You can tour the island by bike if you are looking to relax or you can choose more competitive routes if you are looking for a more challenging experience.

Here you will find some of the bike tours advised by Tripadvisor. They are very well organised and will allow you to discover Tenerife:

  • Cycling around Tenerife
  • E-MTB TOUR (Valle de la Orotava, its historical villages and traditions)
  • Bike tour from Teide South to Tenerife
  • Bike tour from Masca to Tenerife
  • Bike tour of the Teide National Park to Puerto de la Cruz
  • Guided bike tour by racing bikes (half a day)
  • Road bike tour
  • Bike tour from Teide East to Tenerife
  • Road bike tour in Tenerife North with a trainer
  • 8-day bike tour in Tenerife, Spain

There are a lot of different options available

Electric bike hire from the city

If you want to go on a bike tour without sweating too much while you are watching the beautiful landscape around you, an electric bike is what you need. Choose the service that suits you best among the great variety of options available especially in the southern part of the island.

Tenerife by bike

Tenerife is becoming one of the most popular destinations for professional cyclists who need to train high ground all year round thanks to its mild climate and its low-traffic streets.

Tenerife is dominated by Mount Teide, the highest volcano in Spain (more than 3700m high) which is located in the centre of the island. Here are some beautiful routes for bike lovers:

  • Forest pathway in the North: the main track extends for about 85 km with many ramifications and challenges. It is the longest track of the island as it crosses all its northern side. It touches 15 municipalities from north to west and 6 protected natural areas and part of Las Raices a Las Lagunetas, including the most characteristic pathways of the Acentejo territory. Through the ramifications you can reach Agua Garcia, Ravelo and Los Nateros. It continues along the protected natural area flanking the natural reserve of Las Palomas, crossing the highest part of the localities of La Victoria and Santa Ursula, as far as the Valle de la Orotava. Here it follows part of the protected landscape of La Resbala, descending as far as Aguamansa. Then it crosses the Valle of Orotava as far as the recreation area of Chanajiga. Two options will allow you to discover the beautiful valleys, linking La Caldera and Chanajiga with Ramon Caminero in the highest part. The itinerary ends with the pathway of Montana Cascajo.
  • Monte de la Esperanza. This itinerary is much shorter than the one previously described. Almost 7 metres long, it stretches along the protected landscape of Las Lagunetas and is connected to Las Raices. Through one of the options available, you can reach the camping site La Esperanza.
  • Piñar de Chio. This itinerary is 9.32 metres long and stretches to the north-western part of the island, in the Forest Crown National Park. It partly crosses the pathways of Fife and El Canal and allows to discover the pine forests of Chio, between Santiago del Teide and Guia de Isora.

  • Pine Forests South and Black Volcanoes: this track stretches for 16, 61 km and crosses the range in the northern part of the island, surrounded by natural pine forests. The itinerary starts from the recreation area of Contador and ends in an area known as Black Volcanoes, in Villa de Arico.
  • Pine forests of Vilaflor. This track crosses part of the Vilaflor, one of the villages located on the highest altitude in Spain. It crosses the Forest Crown National Park, in particular one of its most famous and characteristic pine forests.

Some advice to rent a bike

You can choose from a lot of different high-quality level options to rent your bike.

Bike Point Tenerife was founded in 2007 by a group of former Belgian bike riders and offers medium- and high-quality bikes. There are two shops which belong to this company: one is in El Médano and the other is in Las Américas, not far from the famous Playa de Las Américas. Here you can rent, or purchase bikes, accessories and book guided tours.

Bike Experience Tenerife in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: this cutting-edge company, run by passionate cyclists with wide experience in organising trips and excursions, puts at your disposal, racing bikes and high-quality mountain bikes. Bike Experience offers bike rental, guided tours, transfers and pick-ups to and from your hotel, accommodation and customised packages and experiences.

Are you ready to discover Tenerife by bike?

Rent a bike in Tenerife

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