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El Hierro

El Hierro tour: daily excursions

El Hierro, nicknamed “The Island of the Meridian”, is the smallest island, located in the far south-western part of the Canary Islands. Mostly mountainous, its highest peak is Malpaso (1501 meters above sea level). Its administrative centre is Valverde and even if it is a remote place with around 10,000 inhabitants, it has a small airport and a harbour. This island is popular for its flora and fauna which are incredible and unique, such as the giant lizard of El Hierro. It is a Biosphere Reserve recognised by UNESCO thanks to its crystal-clear waters, its natural pools and the thick woods of its hinterland. It covers 100 km of coastline, interrupted by bays and lagoons and it is home to the smallest hotel in the world!

How to get to El Hierro

El Hierro can be easily reached, as this small island owns an airport which connects it to Tenerife, La Gomera and Gran Canaria. You can also choose to travel by ferry from the port of Los Cristianos in Tenerife and from La Gomera. There are regular ferry trips every day.

The best places in El Hierro

El Hierro is the most uncontaminated and unspoiled of the Canary Islands. Its natural resources are developed keeping in mind and respecting their delicate balance. For this reason, most of the activities are linked to nature. In this beautiful and natural landscape, you can enjoy a unique experience.

The places which offer the best experience for children and families in El Hierro

If you are on holiday with your family, you can spend a day on one of El Hierro’s uncontaminated beaches. Even if El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands, it owns some of the best beaches of the archipelago with crystal-clear and clean waters. The best beaches, made of golden or black sand and rocks, are in the southern part of the island, in the area of Tamaduste. Going snorkelling will be very interesting for the wonderful sea-beds but you will also find beautiful natural pools. The most popular beaches are:

Arenas Blancas: in the municipality of La Frontera, you will find this family-friendly beach with its clam waters. The beach is not equipped so you will live a real experience in the middle of nature.

Tacoron: The Bay of Tacoron is in the southern part of the island. It offers a beautiful natural landscape and its waters are so calm that they are called Mar de la Calmas. Easy to access and close to the town of La Restinga, this family-friendly beach is close to some natural pools which are worth a visit.

La Maceta is a complex of natural pools in the northern part of El Hierro. It is surrounded by a natural reserve and an evocative volcanic landscape. The pools are protected from the waves. It is easy to reach by car and the site offer a large car park.

The best places for couples

If you are travelling with your partner, El Hierro will offer evocative landscapes and romantic atmospheres. You will not be disappointed by this fascinating and uncontaminated island. El Hierro offers peaceful beaches, fascinating volcanic landscapes, wonderful views and romantic corners. Mirador de la Peña presents an evocative view of the northern coastline as it is situated 700 meters above sea level. It was designed by the architect César Manrique and it is popular for the restaurant of the same name which offers an excellent menu and whose tables offer a wonderful romantic view.

The most adventurous places in El Hierro

Being so wild, El Hierro offers a wonderful scenario for adventurous experiences. You can participate in exciting diving experiences, especially in the area of Mar de las Calmas, even if there are many restrictions that you need to take into account. If you get to Charco Azul, you will find a natural pool surrounded by a volcanic landscape. You can reach it through wooden bridges and a basalt archway. It includes all the most adventurous spots for an exciting diving experience for those who want to be a little more daring. El Hierro offers the ideal conditions for paragliding which is an activity loved both by the locals and the tourists. The best spot for paragliding is in the valley of El Golfo where official events are held every year.

This island also offers the possibility to experience fantastic excursions. The net of pathways of El Hierro allows you to visit the whole island. The traditional tracks are safe and adapted to different levels of proficiency. The most popular is Tamaduste, in Roque Las Gaviotas. It is a 1,8 km long track which goes along the coast of Tamaduste and offers a relaxing view of the sea while walking. Another track starts from the pier of Punta Grande in La Maceta and goes along the coastline overlooking the cliffs.

El Hierro meets all tastes and needs and is worth a visit of at least one day. You will enjoy its uncontaminated nature, crystal-clear waters, breath-taking landscapes and many interesting activities. This island also offers local handcrafts and popular traditional festivals all year round.

Do not waste time, visit the smallest island of the archipelago! El Hierro will offer enchanting landscapes and untouched nature. If you need further information visit the official websites of the Canary Islands or visit one of the agencies that organise daily tours around the island.

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