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Sentieri teide tenerife

The ten best excursions in Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is a magic place. It offers not only enchanting beaches, exciting nightlife and a subtropical climate, but also interesting excursions. The environment of Tenerife is varied, fascinating and wild. You can visit the Volcanic landscape of Mount Teide, beaches of fine, golden sand and beaches of black sand. You can choose panoramic pathways surrounded by unpolluted nature and visit hidden spots. You can also travel to the other islands of the archipelago, such as El Hierro, a small fascinating island characterised by its unspoiled nature.

Tenerife Whales watching

Tenerife is an excellent starting point to go whale and dolphin watching. There are many possibilities to choose from as you can book excursions of different length and complexity.

Dolphin excursions in Tenerife

From Los Cristianos and other parts of the islands you can book excursions in a catamaran or sailing boat to go spotting dolphins, whales and turtles.

These are luxurious micro cruises where you will be also offered food and drinks on board.

Snorkelling with Turtles and Kayaking

From Puerto Colon and Los Gigantes you can book excursions to go snorkelling and admire the beautiful sea bottom. From Playa de Las Américas you can book a private excursion which includes snorkelling and kayak- so you can live an even more exciting adventure in the sea of Tenerife.

Boat excursions in Tenerife

In the southern part of Tenerife, in particular Los Cristianos, Puerto Colón and Los Gigantes, you can depart for an exciting boat trip.

If you are passionate about whale watching, you can take a boat or a catamaran with the yellow flag presenting the logo “Barco Azul”. These are the only authorised boats which can offer this type of trip. You can book your excursions ranging from one and a half hour to 4 or 5 hours.

For those who are looking for a partner, there is the possibility to take part in an excursion on the “Catamaran of Single People”, a good way to meet new people and not to get bored.

The catamaran leaves from Puerto Colón while from Los Gigantes you can kayak as far as Masca. The trip takes two hours and you can also go snorkelling.

Those who want to admire the unusual seabed without diving in can have a trip by submarine.

There are also a lot of organised boat trips for fishing lovers.

Excursion to La Gomera de Tenerife

La Gomera is a small island, very close to Tenerife. The sea between La Gomera and Tenerife is excellent for boat excursions. From Los Cristianos it is possible to board a ferry leading to San Sebastian a La Gomera. The trip is pleasant and exciting and from La Gomera you can book an excursion to go whale watching.

Jacaranda excursion

In Las Américas, one of the most touristically developed areas of Tenerife, the Hotel Best Jacaranda has created a very interesting package of excursions, the service is complete and customised to follow the visitors step by step. There are a number of possible excursions available:

From Loro Parque to Pico del Teide

From Barranco del Infierno to the Basilica of the Royal Marian Shrine of Our Lady oft Candelaria

From Barranco de Masca to the lunar landscape To Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Quadbike excursions

Those who choose to visit Teide National Park without climbing as far as its highest peak, can rent a quadbike: it is an adventurous way to reach one of the most charming landscapes in the world.

The service includes the transfer to Las Américas, Los Cristianos, Glof del Sur, Las Galletas, Playa Paraiso, Clalao Salvaje, to and from the hotel where you are staying. The excursion passes through the wonderful natural landscape of San Miguel de Abona, Cho Pancho, Vilaflor and, obviously, Teide National Park.

It does not matter if you have never driven a quadbike before. They are easy to drive and you can choose your route according to the driver’s experience.

Excursion in southern Tenerife – lunar landscape

The lunar landscape of Tenerife represents the wild and authentical part of the island. A place far from the buzz of other places, where the silence reigns.

The geological formations that surround it are unique and spectacular and are reminiscent of the craters of the moon. It is not easy to reach and this is the reason why it is so well preserved. The Lunar Landscape lies inside the Forestal Crown National Park, the largest protected area of the Canary Islands which surrounds the Teide Nation Park. Here you will discover the real Tenerife!

Some advice for your excursion

If you are planning your excursion in the lunar landscape, one of the first things to do is to choose the itinerary. The best-known departure points are:

  • From the historical centre of Granadilla de Abona (linear and climbing 10,5 km path)
  • From Al Parador de las Cañadas del Tiede (Degollada de Guajara-Vilaflor linear 14,8 km path)
  • From Vilaflor (round path of 12,9 km)

Excursions from Tenerife to Gran Canaria

Tenerife is the best point of departure to visit other islands of the archipelago. One of these is Gran Canaria. At present there are two active routes between Tenerife and Gran Canaria with 17 rides a day. Once arrived in Gran Canaria, you will be able to choose among a great variety of choices.

Gran Canaria is the biggest of the Canary Islands and is located in the south east of Tenerife and west from Fuerteventura. It possesses a great variety of landscapes: from the beautiful beaches in the East to the mountains in the West to the sunny weather of the South.

Excursions to Teide

The most famous excursion is to Teide, with its wonderful national park. Mount Teide is 3817 m high and is the highest peak in Spain and an active volcano.

Tide National Park presents a great variety of landscapes which offer visitors untainted nature and many indigenous species. There are different pathways for trekking and walking.

You can reach the peak even with the comfortable cable car. Once on top, you will have the most beautiful view of the fascinating volcanic landscapes.

We recommend that you plan your excursion to Mount Teide in advance since the access to the park follows a fixed quota of visitors per day. Along the way you will also find a beautiful lodge where you can spend the night.

Night excursions in Cañadas del Teide

A professional guide of Teide National Park can lead you along a narrow path where there is no light pollution and you can witness a very wonderful show: the starry sky in Canadas del Teide. It will be an unparalleled experience.

Siam Park excursions

If you aim at having fun with the whole family and are keen on visiting an environment which faithfully reproduces the atmosphere of the South West Asia, go to Siam Park.

Siam Park is considered the best waterpark in the world. Not only does it offer attractions for visitors of all ages, but it is also surrounded by an environment which perfectly reproduces the Thai atmosphere. There is even a floating market similar to that of Bangkok.

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