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Nudisti tenerife le spiagge consigliate

The best nudist beaches of Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is the ideal place for your holidays as it offers beautiful beaches and a wonderful climate. Be careful if you love to sunbathe nude as it is generally forbidden. You need to look for the few beaches for nudists around the island.nudists

Playa de la Pelada

This beach is on the south-western part of the island of Tenerife where you will find most of the beaches for nudism. This trait of the coastline is made of yellow pumice which during the years has composed rocks and evocative ravines, where you can stay naked and enjoy the surrounding beauty of the landscape.

La Pelada is not far from the area of El Médano and it is a beautiful black sandy beach of volcanic origin. It is 80 meters long, but it does not offer facilities (which are not far away). The only negative aspect is that the area is a bit windy like the whole surrounding area.

Playa Montaña Roja

This beach is located on the coastline close to the South Tenerife airport, on the southern coast, towards the south-eastern one. It is named after the red mountain which dominates the area and can be seen from the airport. The beach is at the foot of the mountain. The side of the mountain facing the sea is quite harsh, but Playa Montaña Roja is a wonderful beach of reddish sand which makes it one of the best beaches for nudists. It is 50 meters long and does not offer facilities. Nearby you will find a comfortable park space.

Playa de la Tejita

This 1-km long beach is part of the Montaña Roja, and it is usually not well visited. It is made of fair volcanic sand, so it looks more golden than black. At the end of the sandy shore you can rent beach chairs and beach loungers. It is always very windy, so it is ideal for both nudists, surfers and kitesurf lovers.

Playa Montaña Amarilla

Montaña Amarilla is on Costa del Silencio and is a wonderful and evocative yellow mountain. It is a protected area as it is considered a natural monument. A small nudist beach, made of pebbles and surrounded by a beautiful landscape, is part of it. It offers a small café and a parking space. You can use it as a reference point to travel around and visit the yellow mountains to sunbathe free.

Restaurants for nudists

Restaurants for nudists

If you are really passionate about nudism, you can sunbathe on the beach, have a swim in the ocean but also go to the restaurant completely naked! A few years ago, one of the few restaurants in the world dedicated to nudists was opened in San Isidro, in Granadilla de Abona, on the southern coastline.

The restaurant is called Innato Tenerife and serves naked customers aperitifs, happy hours, dinners in a cosy atmosphere. Waiters and waitresses dressed up like ancient Romans (the owner of the restaurant is Italian, and the motto of the restaurant is “laziness and naturism” as during the Roman feasts). The menu can be vegetarian, vegan or omnivorous. Dulcis in fundo…the desserts are served on totally naked waiters…

A real unique experience!

If you want to feel free, Tenerife is the place to be!

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