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Teide sentieri tenerife

Pico del Teide

Mount Teide looks like a sleeping majestic giant whose peak is sometimes covered in snow. With its 3.718 meters of height, Mount Teide is the highest peak not only of the Canary Islands, but also of the islands of the Pacific Ocean and in Spain. Teide is a volcano which the last erupted in 1909. It is located inside in the fascinating Teide National Park, the most visited park in Europe and one of the most visited in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.

Where it is located

Mount Teide is in the southern part of the island of Tenerife. It is far from the coast, in the hinterland, in the municipality of Orotava.

How to climb Mount Teide

Climbing Mount Teide and reaching the top, requires a lot of energy and effort. Do it only if you are well trained, ready to take a long walk and if you are experienced, as there are other ways to reach the top.

Take your time to prepare your equipment: light trekking clothes, a lot of water, something to eat, a frontal light if you go climbing in the dark (early morning or evening), warm clothes for the coldest hours. There are a lot of excursions around Mount Teide. One of these will lead you as far as the viewpoint of Pico Viejo, where you will see the signs of past eruptions, fumaroles, and a wonderful landscape together with a breath-taking panorama.

The cable car of El Teide

One of the most comfortable ways to reach its peak, is through the cable car which arrives almost on top. From here you will have to walk only 20 minutes. You can buy the ticket on site, but we recommend to book in advance due to the great number of visitors.

The tracks to climb Mount Teide

You can start your climbing from different points. The most popular and used track is called Montaña Blanca, which starts in the plain and then presents a rise which reaches 60% of the slope.

It is recommended to divide the track into different stages.

You can leave from Montaña Blanca and stop once on top following track number 7 which starts at 40,7 km of the TF21 road. The landscape is fascinating and evocative. You will see the typical flora of Tenerife and the signs of the volcanic activity of Teide. Once you reach the peak of Montaña Blanca, the following part becomes more engaging as the slope increases, and the volcanic landscape becomes more and more harsh. Halfway up the track, you will find Estancia de los Ingleses, a unique rocky formation which presents ledges where you can have a rest. After a few minutes, you will reach the lodge of Altavista. Once there, you will have covered most of the track. You can spend the night at the lodge if you are likely to split the itinerary into two parts. Do not forget to book in advance if you want to stay there. The lodge of Altavista is at 260 meters in height, it offers accommodation and refreshments, but you will be allowed to stay for one night only. You will see a wonderful sunset surrounded by an evocative landscape and admire the stars like never before.

From the lodge starts the second part of your itinerary which will lead you to Rambleta. The slope is not terrible, but the landscape lacks vegetation and it is very harsh. After a one-hour walk you will get to Belvedere de La Forteza and finally Rambleta. When you arrive here, you have almost reached your destination. You are very close to the peak of Mount Teide. You need a special permit if you do not arrive before 9 a.m. (when the entrance is free). With the ideal weather conditions, you will take track number 10 Telesforo Bravo, which ends at the top. To descend you will choose whether to climb down on foot, or to take the cable car.

The most recommended track for families

If you are on holiday with your family but you want to visit the summit of Mount Teide, you can take the cable car and then walk for the last part of the track. You can also arrive as far as Rambleta by cable car, spend the night at the lodge and then climb up towards the top the next morning. If you arrive before 9 o’clock you will not need any permits.

Excursions for small groups from the National Park to Pico del Teide

If you are travelling in a group and you want a guide, there are many packages to choose from. They are for small groups, interesting both for couples and families. If you book in advance you will not have to worry about permits so you can enjoy your excursion in tranquillity.

Teide tour with the tickets included in Mount Teide Cable car

If you travel by cable car, there are different packages which offer all-included guided tours. You will not have to worry about bureaucracy

Necessary authorisations to climb Mount Teide

As Mount Teide is part of a National Park, the access is not free, and it is related to a special permit. If you do not have it, you will be allowed to reach only the ledge where the cable car stops.

Acquire your permit online with the authorities of the National Park. It is not unlimited: you will be able to spend no more than 2 hours on top, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The access to Mount Teide is free out of this time.

How to require the special authorisation to climb Mount Teide

Visit the Internet Page of the Park to ask for a permit to climb Mount Teide.

The permit is free but due to the great number of visitors, you need to ask for it in advance or ask a tour operator. We recommend Volcano Teide Experience, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in San Francisco street 5, 4th floor, 38002

How to book your excursion on the PIco del Teide

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