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Jet ski safari tenerife

Reting a jet ski Tenerife

Tenerife is a volcanic island with a never-ending spring, gifted by Mother Nature with wonderful landscapes, crystal-clear waters and a pleasant and mild climate. It is ideal for any type of holiday, from the most relaxing to the most exciting one, all year round. In this article we will introduce you to the possibility of participating in an exciting and appealing experience on a jet ski.

Not only is this experience amusing and exhilarating, but it is also a good way to visit hidden areas difficult to reach and to find out the wonderful marine fauna surrounding Tenerife.

Jet skis have been very common in Tenerife in the last few years, actually there are many agencies which offer interesting excursions, sometimes matched with other experiences such as parascending, whales and dolphins watching, or visiting some of the many evocative bays.

You can experience the excitement of speed and the contact with its marine environment and very evocative landscapes.

Where to do the best excursions by jet ski in Tenerife

Where to do the best excursions by jet ski in Tenerife

The southern and west-southern parts of Tenerife are the perfect places to go on an excursion by jet ski. Here you will find the most interesting offers, the best equipment, and the most fascinating sceneries to explore.

These are some interesting ideas but keep in mind that there are a lot of other options, so contact one of the numerous agencies!

Jet ski Safari: information and advice

If you want to ride a jet ski and enjoy the wonderful natural environment surrounding Tenerife, try the Jet Safari Experience.

You will leave from Adeje where you will be given instructions about security and your means of transport. Then you will ride your jet ski to reach the most evocative localities on the adjacent coast. You can travel alone or in tandem, with your friends or in a group, and you can choose a longer or a shorter itinerary. Prices are very economical and start from 50 euros per person.

Excursions in the southern part of Tenerife

Jet ski excursions in the southern part of Tenerife are evocative because they give you access to places which can be reached only by sea. You can stop and dive, have a swim and leave. Here you will find a description of the most appreciated excursions.

El Bobo

Playa de El Bobo is a volcanic island located in Adeje. It has been a tourist destination for a very long time as it is a typical urban beach. Behind it, you will find a lively promenade full of bars, shops, and restaurants. it is not far from the more famous beach of Las Americas.

Fañabé (Adeje)

This beach is one of the best equipped beaches in Adeje and it is appreciated for its calm waters and its proximity to high-level touristic facilities. It has been honoured with the blue flag. It is loved by families with children.

La Caleta (Adeje)

This characteristic fishermen’s village was loved by the hippies in the 1970s. this is the reason why it is nicknamed “the beach of the hippies”. It has become a very renowned tourist destination and the so called “buen retiro” for the foreigner who decided to move here. La Caleta is very close to Costa Adeje.

La Pinta

This beautiful golden sandy beach is in Puerto Colon, in Costa Adeje, and it is surrounded by an enchanting and lively promenade. It is loved by families thanks to its calm waters controlled by strategic artificial barriers.

Las Americas

Las Americas is one of the most appreciated and well-equipped tourist destinations in Tenerife. It is located near the harbour of Los Cristianos and stretches as far as Playa Fañabé. It has developed since the 1960s and today it is considered the trendiest area of the island. Every year it welcomes about 2 million tourists together with Los Cristianos. Excursions in the northern part of Tenerife.

You can enjoy wonderful jet ski excursions even in the northern part of the island. If you go from Los Gigantes to Punta Teno, you will admire the beauty of the coast and meet dolphins and whales.

Puerto Colon

If you leave from Puerto Colon, you can go north and reach Los Gigantes. You will pass Las Caleta (or the beach of the hippies), and the Turtle Bay in El Puertito. Once in Los Gigantes, you can have a swim surrounded by the beautiful sheer cliffs of the giants, before leaving for Puerto Colon. Have a walk in places difficult to reach such as Masca, before going back to the beach.

What you need to drive a jet ski

To drive a jet ski, you do not need any special licences. You need to be older than 16 years old and healthy. You must be able to swim. There is a weight limit which varies according to the weather conditions. Riding a jet ski is easy and comfortable. Before any excursions, you will be given security instructions and driving instructions. You need to wear a life vest, which is normally provided by the tour operator and included in the price.

The weather conditions are very important because, according to them, the organisers will modify or cancel the excursion. In this case, they will refund you the price of the package. If you want to test your abilities, you can ride a jet ski in a circuit before leaving for your trip. Do not hesitate and contact one of the many agencies which offer this type of experience. Have fun!

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