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Immersioni isole canarie

The best spots for scuba diving in Tenerife

The fascinating and unique Canary Islands are the ideal destination for those who are passionate about scuba diving. Their waters are appreciated worldwide for their clearness: you can see as far as 30 meters and their temperature is constantly around 20° C.

The seabeds show a great variety of biodiversity while the volcanic nature of these islands led to the creation of many submerged caves. The depth and the richness of the seabeds are highly appreciated especially in Gran Canaria and in the areas of El Hierro, La Palma and Lanzarote, which are marine reserves.

Exploring the submarine world of Tenerife

In this article we want to focus our attention on the marine life and on the submerged beauty of Tenerife, a wonderful island which is home to a national park.

Exploring the underwater world of Tenerife means to dive into transparent waters that are warm all year round and to have the chance to meet many different species of animals, such as barracudas, mantas, tunas, rays, sea horses, turtles, dolphins and whales. The underwater landscape is varied and fascinating: you will discover caves, canyons, cliffs and tunnels of volcanic origin.

The best periods to dive

You can dive all year round: the visibility varies from 10 to 30 meters, in every season, and the temperature of the water fluctuates between 19° and 26° C all year round.

What to do in order to dive

In Tenerife you will find many different schools which rent the necessary equipment to beginners. If you prefer using your own equipment, there are many specialised shops which will provide all you need. Remember that the diving gear varies according to the activity you are likely to practise. Remember to choose a thin wetsuit as the temperature of the water is very warm.

Papers needed

If you decide to dive with the support of one of the specialised centres of the island, you will not have to worry about bureaucracy. The centre will provide you with all the documents required and will take care of you.

If you decide to dive independently, without the support of any schools or any specialised centres, you will need a specific scuba diving licence, a certificate and health insurance as well as the certificate attesting the courses you attended.

Some practical advice to dive in tranquillity

Whatever you choose; to dive independently or with the support of a specialised centre, here is some advice for you:

  • only turn to authorised centres
  • never dive alone
  • check the weather forecast before diving
  • be careful and choose the immersions according to your own abilities and knowledge: the diving experience should be planned, taking into account your level of experience
  • make sure you have effective health insurance coverage or a federative licence which guarantee assistance in a hyperbaric chamber, aquatic and underwater rescue, an insurance policy for civil liability
  • for any further information, you can ask FEDECA, Federación Canaria de Actividades Subacuáticas.

The best spots where to dive in Tenerife

Here you will find a list of the best spots to dive

On the northern coast: Garachico, in Roque (medium level of proficiency), Las Anclas in El Galéton (medium level of proficiency), Baja Los Realejos in El Guindaste (high level of proficiency), La Catedral in Puerto de la Cruz (medium level of proficiency)

On the eastern coast: Ensenada del Puerto in Radazul (low level of proficiency), Las Eras (medium level of proficiency)

On the southern coast: Montaña Amarilla in Ten Bel (low level of proficiency), Falla Claude in Punta La Rasca (high level of proficiency), Los Chuchos in Las Galletas (low level of proficiency), El Condesito in El Palmar (low level of profiency), Cueva Camarones in El Palmar (medium level of proficiency)

On the western coast: Cueva de Los Cerebros in Playa San Juan (low level of proficiency), Punta Blanca in Alcalá (medium level of proficiency), Barranco Seco in Los Gigantes (low level of proficiency).

The best moment to go snorkelling in Tenerife

If you prefer snorkelling, in Tenerife you will find the perfect spot to practise this sport as the visibility is perfect also for this type of activity.

Here are some of the best spots to go snorkelling:

Montaña Amarilla (Las Galletas): situated on the southern coast, this place is interesting for those who want to see beautiful rocks

Alcála, on the western coast, south of Los Gigantes, is a nice village. From its beach you can go snorkelling with great satisfaction

Punta de Teno is located in the far north-western part of Tenerife. The sea is not very deep, it is calm and full of fauna.

Puertito de Adeje offers calm waters and interesting fauna.

Palm Mar Wall is a long reef situated between Los Cristianos and Palm Mar. It is easy to access and it is home to a beautiful submerged cave.

Faro de La Rasca is between Las Galletas and Palm Mar. Its waters are not very deep and its fauna is very fascinating.

Charco del Viento is in the northern part of the island. It offers a very fascinating area, but it is not always accessible due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Playa de la Consolación is in the neighbourhood of Guincho, in Garachico. This area is not very crowded, but it offers a wonderful and interesting seabed.

The best experiences of diving and snorkelling for visitors

There are many packages from agencies and specialised centres which combine snorkelling and diving experiences with other activities. Here you will find a brief list of possibilities

Go kayaking with the dolphins and snorkelling with turtles. It is possible to book these activities in Los Cristianos where you can also see dolphins if you are lucky.

Cruise on a catamaran for 12 people which includes snorkelling experiences and free transfers. Thanks to the limited number of participants, this cruise is intimate and cosy. Snacks are offered on board. The departure point is in Puerto Colón.

You will travel along the coast while relaxing, sipping a drink, sunbathing and you will also stop for a swim or go snorkelling.

Safari in a kayak with dolphins and turtles. This fascinating track in a kayak starts in Los Cristianos and goes towards the reefs of Guaza, a protected natural reserve. You will stop to go snorkelling and have a rest.

3-hour charter on a private catamaran includes snorkelling, transfers, meals and beverages. A wonderful trip on a catamaran to go whale and dolphin watching.

All-inclusive premium trip to go whale and dolphin watching. A customised tour to go whale and dolphin watching while travelling along the southern coast of the island.

The best places to dive and snorkel according to tourists

Here you will find a list of the best places to go snorkelling and diving, which received the best reviews from tourists:

Kayak ECOTOUR Tenerife snorkelling and kayaking experience: thanks to the limited number of participants, you will live a fantastic adventure with dolphins, and you will go snorkelling with turtles in a cosy and intimate atmosphere

Scubanana Dive Centre: in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this agency offers a great variety of opportunities much appreciated by their clients

Surf Life Tenerife: official surfing school member of the Canary Federation of Surf. Its team of professionals offer a great variety of exciting and interesting activities.

LJ Diving Tenerife: this diving school is in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and offers the opportunity to participate in exciting activities such as fascinating diving experiences at night.

Paradise Divers: this school is in Santa Cruz. It offers professional classes and interesting excursions.

Places to dive and go snorkelling in Tenerife for children and families

If you are on holiday with your family, there are many opportunities to go snorkelling safely, for the fun of both adults and children.

Surf Life Tenerife offers the possibility to go snorkelling 5 meters from the shore as well as private assistance to children.

Tenerife Sur Point. This surfing school based in Playa de las Americas offers excellent courses for children.

Diversion: located in Alcalá, it is a fantastic diving school which offers courses also for children.

Atlantic Eco Diving: this excellent school is interested in protecting the environment and for this reason it is family-friendly and ideal for children due to its educational activities.

WhatNextAdventures. Based in Las Galletas, this centre for diving is among those which have received the best reviews from families with children.

The places for diving and snorkelling in Tenerife which offer the best experience for couples according to tourists

If you are on holiday with your partner, and you are looking for a romantic experience, these are the possibilities offered by Tenerife.

Tenerife snorkelling and kayaking: the departure point is Adeje, from where you will leave for fascinating kayaking tours, going dolphin watching and enjoying beautiful and romantic landscapes.

Scubanana Dive Center: this centre offers the possibility to participate in pleasant diving experiences.

Surf Life Tenerife: this surfing school offers private lessons for couples.

LJ Diving Tenerife: this school offers the possibility to go diving with your partner with the support of a professional instructor.

Paradise Divers: this school offers the possibility to go diving with your partner under the control of an expert instructor.

The best places for groups of friends for diving and snorkelling in Tenerife according to tourists

Tenerife is the ideal place for enjoying a holiday with your friends, also if you want to share a diving experience with them.

Sur Life Tenerife: the group lessons offered by this school are really amusing if you take them with your friends.

LJ Diving Tenerife: this school is very well reviewed by groups of friends who attended its courses.

Paradise Divers: A 5-star authorised centre which has received excellent reviews by groups of friends

Tenerife Sur Point: it offers the possibility to participate in group lessons with your friends. At the end of the lesson you will be given a photo to keep as a souvenir of this wonderful experience.

Aqua- Marina: offers different packages which include up to 30 diving experiences. It is particularly cheap if you book for a group.

The best economical places for diving and snorkelling according to tourists

If you are on a budget, do not worry. You will be able to surf, snorkel and dive anyway. Here you will find very competitive prices

  • Tenerife snorkelling and kayaking
  • Scubanana Dive Centre
  • Surf Life Tenerife
  • LJ Divign Tenerife
  • Paradise Divers

If you need further information you can visit the websites of the advised centres and schools. What are you waiting for? The wonderful sea of Tenerife is waiting for you!

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