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Tenerife Masca Tour

Tenerife is not only characterised by beautiful sea, shining sun, hot weather all year round and great fun, but also by culture and history. The picturesque village of Masca is sheltered behind a semi-isolated area which preserves its original charm.

The beauty of Masca Tour

Masca counts about a hundred inhabitants and is one of the smallest villages of Spain, and one of the oldest settlements in the world. It has a very curious history: it was inaccessible until 1970, when a road was constructed to connect Santiago del Teide and Buenavista del Norte.

Thanks to its hidden treasures and its wonderful terraces facing the mountains of Macizo, the village has become more and more appreciated and popular. It is said that the bay of Masca was a refuge for pirates, who never directly attacked the village. The village is not the only place deserving a visit: you should also take an excursion to the evocative and breath-taking landscape which surrounds it.

How to reach Masca

How to reach Masca

Since Masca is an isolated village, it is challenging to reach. If you are willing to get to Masca by car, you will have to follow a narrow, curvy road, which takes numerous bends: be careful especially if you want to drive at night.

If you arrive from the southern part of the island, take the TF-1 as far as Santiago del Teide. After crossing Santiago, turn right on TF-346 to reach Masca. After Mirador de Cherfe, the road will become narrower and the hairpin turns will start.

If you arrive from the northern part of the island, follow the TF-5 as far as EL Tanque. From here, take the TF-82 as far as Santiago del Teide, and then continue as explained above.

You will not be allowed to enter the village by car. There is a public parking space before the town centre. If you cannot find a parking space, continue further on where you can park along the street. Unfortunately, the parking lot is very small and generally fully occupied. If you prefer to travel by public transport, take the bus route 355.

You can reach the village by sea, taking a boat that sails from Los Gigantes and reaches Masca. In this case you will have to walk for 5 km to get to the village.

The village of Masca

Masca is a unique village, both from a historical and a naturalistic point of view. The hamlet is very tiny and counts about a hundred inhabitants, but it is so picturesque and peculiar that you will take pictures of every single corner!

The surrounding landscape is breath-taking. The panorama, especially on clear days, is enchanting: you will clearly see the island of La Gomera with San Sebastian. The inhabited heart of Masca preserves its original characteristics. Its inhabitants are very traditional and preserve the ancient and pagan beliefs: witchcraft, superstition and propitiatory rites are still very common. To spend some time in Masca, means to be surrounded by a magical and peaceful atmosphere. Many of the traditional houses are now restaurants or accommodation facilities which still preserve their original style.

Once you arrive in the village and go down Calle el Lomito, you will reach a nice square with a characteristic church called Plaza La Masca. Then take the small and narrow road as far as the panoramic viewpoint from where you will see the houses of the village on the promontory on one side, and the mountains forming a crown facing the ocean on the other side. Thanks to its wonderful scenery, the village of Masca is a good departure point for many excursions.

The gorge of Masca covers one of the most challenging routes of Tenerife: it requires endurance, good physical training and concentration. If you are experienced excursionists, take into consideration this itinerary. The departure point is Masca, where you will enter the gorge (according to a legend this was an old pirates’ refuge). Entering the canyon, flanking cliffs up to 600 meters high, you will reach a gorge which is 20 meters wide at its narrowest point. The bizarre rocky formations, the shimmering colours and the mysterious atmosphere will fascinate you!

At the end of the downhill you will hear the noise of the waves until you reach the beach surrounded by the reefs of Los Gigantes. Masca is strictly linked to the coastline of Los Gigantes. If you decide to have an excursion from Masca to Barranco, you will arrive here while, if you decide to reach Masca by sea, you will leave from here. The two localities sharing the majesty of the landscape can be visited in the same day. Los Gigantes is characterised by its high reefs, Los Gigantes.

Here you will find ideas for a daily trip.

From Teide to Masca on tour

With this excursion you will explore the most characteristic places of the northern part of Tenerife. You leave from Teide National Park, stop at Las Cañadas del Teide, where you can admire Los Roques de Garcia. You will descend towards the village of Icod de los Vinos which houses the thousand-year old tree of Millenial Drago.

After Icod de los Vinos is Garachico, whose historical centre is very fascinating and preserves its original atmosphere, that was the most important port of the island before being destroyed by the 1706 eruption. In the area of Ycoden Daute Isora, you can have a rest and enjoy a traditional meal. After lunch, you will proceed to Masca. You will travel by air-conditioned touristic coach, ideal also for people with reduced mobility (two wheelchairs can be mounted on the coach, but it is advisable to communicate this in advance).

The price varies according the point of departure and starts from 36 euros per person for those who leave from the southern part of the island or from Puerto de la Cruz, to 51 euros per person for those who leave from Almuerzo. The cost for children varies from 19 to 28 euros. The price does not include lunch. An Italian speaking guide will be available.

Whatever you choose, we highly recommend you include Masca among the destinations of your wonderful holiday!z

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