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Tenerife nightlife

The best nightlife in Tenerife

Tenerife is very popular not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for its subtropical climate, its crystal-clear waters which offer you the chance to relax in the sun, to take a swim or to do water sports.

The largest of the Canaray Islands is also the perfect destination for those who want to pull up late and have fun with their friends, their partners or on their own, either in a romantic and peaceful way or in a more chaotic one.

There are plenty of opportunities to have great fun as in Tenerife the night is always young! Here you will find some ideas to spend your nights enjoying what Tenerife has to offer.

The best nightlife experiences in Tenerife

Here are three of the most interesting ideas you can choose from. These are just a few examples which will show you the wide range of opportunities offered by this enchanting place.

  • Music Hall Tavern: the Music Tavern Hall is an institution here in Tenerife. It was opened more than 25 years ago. The founder, the drag queen Mrs T Peggy, has been entertaining her guests in the whole archipelago, starting from Lanzarote, to Gran Canaria to Tenerife. The shows suit all tastes and are suitable even for families as they have a glamourous and sparkling style that contains a subtle but never vulgar irony. The ticket includes access to the show and dinner with a three-course menu. The Tavern Music Hall is very close to the popular strip club Veronica’s, in Playa de las Americas.
  • Teidescopes sunset and stars. If at the end of the day you want to relax doing something really romantic and evocative, this is the ideal activity for you! You can go to Mount Teide National Park, where you can admire, thanks to the telescopes, wonderful landscapes and the evocative lights of the sunset from a privileged angle, sipping wine. You will taste a three-course meal. A guide will help you recognise the landscape among the faint lights of the sunset and then the constellations in a clear night.
  • Utopia The Original Tenerife Boat Party. If you love music and enjoy good company, this is the ideal option for you. If going to a good disco is exciting, it is even more thrilling to dance on a floating club boat! This event is very popular and in the last few years it has attracted at least 16,000 enthusiastic visitors offering famous DJs’ sets and excellent music, varying from house to tropical music, from R&B to hip hop and reggae. The floating party starts in Puerto Colon. The entrance includes free access and bar. The boat stops at different spots to allow its guests to have a swim in wonderful sceneries.

Advice for those who choose Tenerife’s nightlife

What else can you do to fully enjoy your nights in Tenerife? What are the clubs which are worth a visit and the agencies offering the most interesting events?

Here you will find our selection

Lonten Tours Excursiones: it is a real institution in Tenerife. It satisfies any requirement and organizes experiences and excursions of many different types, trips and night events.

The Zootopia Boat Party: it is similar to the event described above. This floating pary comes from Great Britain. It offers different types of music, mixed by DJs who can make your night unique and unforgettable. The starting point is Los Cristianos.

Gut Good Bueno: if you are looking for high-level experiences, you should contact them. You will take part in tasting very interesting food and wine, but you will also participate in cultural events!

The Molly Malone: if you pass by Puerto de la Cruz and you want to spend a pleasant night, this club in perfect Irish style is open every day.

The Pub-Tenerife: this beautiful pub, in Irish style, is in Torviscas, on Costa Adeje. It offers a great variety of beers and other beverages. In this pub, good company is guaranteed.

Papagayo Beach Club: this pub is very elegant and refined, with its with furniture spread among the palms. It is located in Las Veronicas and its popularity increases year after year. We suggest you spend a whole day here, lying in the sun, drinking aperitifs and enjoying the night DJ-set. It offers excellent techno and live music.

On the central Avenida de las Americas, you will find the Hard Rock Café of Tenerife. It is not a simple Hard Rock Café: it is the biggest in Europe with its 350 seats. The café offers different dance floors on two storeys, a bar where rock music is played and two wonderful terraces facing Mount Teide. There are also restaurants and a stage for live events, which are very common and always interesting.

Among the beach clubs, we recommend the Monkey Beach Club, where music is played from late afternoon to late at night. Worldwide famous DJs often play here. You will dance on a beach which offers a wonderful view over Gomora Island!

If you want to enjoy a good cocktail in a romantic atmosphere, we recommend San Telmo in Los Cristianos, not far from Playa Las Vistas. Here you will find a lot of elegant and refined bars, offering a relaxed atmosphere, typical of the Canary Islands but with a British flair.

FFNightclubs Tenerife Playa Las Americas

Divertimento Playa Las Americas

If you are in Las Americas or nearby, in the Southern part of the island, you can choose among a great variety of pubs, bars and lounge bars. Las Americas is part of the beating heart of the nightlife of Tenerife, being the centre of its movida, much more animated than in the North. Many of the most interesting and most visited pubs are in shopping malls easy to reach, even on foot.

Here you will find a list of activities that you can do in this area.

Tramps The King of Clubs. One of the best clubs of the Canary Islands, specialised in R&B and House music. Its atmosphere, pleasantly underground, attracts a lot of guests. The club offers different areas where different types of music are played. It also offers VIP areas, two dance floors, a terrace and a cocktail bar. It is not particularly expensive, and entrance is free.

Princess DJ’s: is one of the most popular clubs in Tenerife: fun and good company at cheap prices are guaranteed!

Sax Rock Bar: is the ideal destination for those who love rock music. It offers a beautiful atmosphere and convenient prices.

The Anchor Bar:This nice club is in Las Americas. It offers good company, good music and excellent beer! If you are looking for a calmer atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Kaluna Beach Club: This club, located north of the marina and opposite the beach of Puerto Colon, is one of the most exclusive and luxurious clubs of the island. You can even book a private VIP area with Jacuzzi, beach loungers, food and drinks. The club offers a big swimming pool and pool parties with live DJ’s sets and dancers.

Lava Lounge Bar and Restaurant. Situated in the heart of Las Americas, this club offers excellent Italian food and live entertainment.

The best places to save money in Playa Las America

If you are on a budget, but you want to have fun anyway, Las Americas is the ideal place for you! Here you will find a short list of the places where you will find good company, excellent food and drinks:

  • Goodfellas Bar;
  • Cocoriba;
  • Old friends bar;
  • The White Horse Pub;

And this is just the beginning!

Nightlife in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

If you want to spend the night in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you will not regret your decision! The historical centre is full of restaurants, bars and pubs open till late at night which offer fun and entertainment. Even in winter, thanks to the mild temperatures, the landscape does not change. You can go out and have a lie in until late.

The night in Tenerife is young and exciting!

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