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Gran Canaria Canary Islands tenerife tour

Guided tour of the Island of Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and offers a lot of beautiful landscapes, fascinating historical heritage, high-level tourist resorts and the opportunity to practise most sports and water sports. For example, you will find many golf courses all over the island. Its tropical climate, its fauna and flora, its crystal-clear waters and its popular nightlife are among its main qualities.

Not only does Tenerife offer a wonderful sea, beautiful well-equipped beaches (Playa de Las Americas, Playa de las Teresitas, small volcanic beaches in the northern part of the island, incredible natural pools), interesting bars and sunshine all year round, it also offers culture, history and tradition.

San Cristobal de La Laguna, the ancient capital of the Canary Islands, with its university, its museums and its interesting archaeological rests; or Puerto de la Cruz, with its botanic garden and its interesting urban structure, are examples of the beauties of Tenerife.

If you do not have much time you can choose a daily tour of the island to enjoy a unique and enriching experience. You will experience many different emotions and you will discover the authentic essence of Tenerife which offers different history, nature and landscapes.

We recommend this tour also if you are visiting this island for the first time.

What to visit

The tour starts in Villa de Candelaria, simply known as Candelaria, a popular archipelago on the north-eastern coast of Tenerife. Here you will find a huge basilica which can house 5,000 people and where the statue of the Virgin of the Candelaria, the patron saint of the Canary Islands, is kept. It is a pilgrimage destination all year round but especially on 15th August or 2nd February, when the Virgin is celebrated.

Villa de Candelaria

On the square in front of the Basilica, Plaza de la Patrona de las Canaria, you will see 9 bronze statues of the Menceyes, the old kings of the Guanches people, the original inhabitants of Tenerife. They are considered national monuments. The tour continues towards north, following a track on foot, and arrives as far as Villa de La Orotova.

La Orotova is the highest and steepest municipality in Spain and includes the territory of Teide National Park. Its historical centre was declared Conjunto Artistico Nacional in 1976 and it is very fascinating with its narrow streets, its churches and buildings. Casa de los Balcones is in the typical style of the Canary Islands and it is a centre for the embroidery and design of the traditional costumes. Going along the northern coast, you will reach Icod de Los Vinos which is home to the Millenial Dragon Tree, a giant specimen of the Dracaena Draco, an indigenous tree of the Canary Islands. The age of the Icod de Los Vinos is estimated to be around 600 years (but it might be much older) and for this reason it was declared a Natural Monument in 1917.

Going north, you can stop at Mirador de la Villa de Garachico, a panoramic point from where you can admire the town of Garachico. Today the city is a centre of secondary importance, but until 1706 it was the capital of Tenerife and home to important vestiges and defensive walls, among which is the castle of Saint Miguel, built by Philip II. In 1706 the eruption of the volcano Trevejo almost destroyed the city and its port, but fortunately there were no victims. Today the administrative city of Tenerife is Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Garachico Tnerife

Towards the southern part of the island, the landscape becomes more and more fascinating. You will see the small village of Erjos, on the peak of the mountain, and the majestic Mount Teide. The tour will end in Santiago del Teide, a fascinating historical centre which offers a panoramic view and the majestic reefs of Los Gigantes.


This tour takes 10 hours, bus transfers included. The standard tour starts at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 6.30 p.m. Lunch is not included.

It is ideal also for people with disabilities. You need to specify the presence of a disabled person at the moment of the reservation, as there can be only two people with wheelchairs on the bus. They must be accompanied. The tour is perfect for families with children. The times may vary according to the departure point, that is the place where you will be picked up and taken back at the end of the tour.

Costs and reservation

The tour is free for children under 2 years of age. From the southern area, Costa Adeje, the cost is 29 euros for adults and 16,50 euros for children between 2 and 11 years of age.

There is a 2x1 offer which costs 44 euros for adults and 27 euros for children between 2 and 11 years of age.

Visit the website for further as conditions vary according to the point of departure and the reservation.

This tour can be an excellent way to spend a day discovering the island!

Are you planning your holiday in Tenerife? Fill out the form to be contacted!

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