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Typical food tenerife

Traditional Food of Tenerife

If you have decided to spend your holidays in Tenerife, you are probably looking for information about its climate, landscape, fun opportunities and beautiful beaches. You already know that Tenerife will not let you down: this wonderful island offers a thousand and more occasions to have fun and relax.

It also offers many opportunities for those who are looking for cultural attractions: there are many historical remains and cultural events to visit.

The typical food is another fundamental aspect of the culture of the Canary Islands.

In this article you will discover more about the typical dishes of Tenerife, starting from their connection with the traditional Spanish cuisine.

Links with the traditional Spanish Cuisine

The traditional Spanish cuisine is similar to the Italian one, as they both use fresh and local products. It’s a varied cuisin with many different regional flavours: most of the dishes are hundreds of years old and represent the character of the territory they belong to.

Some of the culinary specialities, originated as regional dishes, are now diffused in the whole country and are popular all around the world, such as paella (which was created in Valencia), Las Croquetas, chicken, ham, codfish, tortilla de patatas… and many other regional dishes.

What to eat in Tenerife. Recommended dishes and products

The typical cuisine of the Canary Islands is different from the continental one. It is very simple, based on local flavours and ingredients. It presents many different aspects as it mixes elements from Europe, South America and the food of the original inhabitants of the islands, los Guanches.

In Tenerife you will taste a great variety of dishes, but most are based on these basic preparations:

  • Gofio: a sort of Canarian flour made from roasted grains (typically wheat or maize);
  • Papas arrugadas: small potatoes boiled without peeling;
  • Mojos: spicy sauces. Mojos rojo is made of red spicy chili peppers and is used with meat, Mojo verde is made of parsley and is used with fish and mojo picon is made of pepper, chili peppers and cumin; The most popular and tasty dishes are:
  • Queso asado and mojo: grilled cheese with mojo rojo and mojo verde;
  • Papas Arrugadas and Mojo: potatoes boiled without peeling accompanied with mojo;
  • Churros de pescado: croquettes of fish;
  • Caldo del millo: chickpeas stock with garlic and maize;
  • Ranch canario: chickpeas stock and pork ribs with spaghetti;
  • Garbanzas: chickpeas soup;
  • Gofio escaldado: stock of fish and gofio with garlic and red onions;
  • Pata asada: roasted ham;
  • Carne fiesta: fried pork meat;
  • Chorizo canario: typical local sausage; Let’s see what you can eat in Tenerife!
Caldo millo canario
Churros de pescado png
Papas Arrugadas Getty Images
Queso asado con Mojo
Papas arrugadas con mojo
Typivcal food tenerife
Gofio tenerife
Caldo millo canario Churros de pescado png Papas Arrugadas Getty Images Queso asado con Mojo Papas arrugadas con mojo Typivcal food tenerife Gofio tenerife

Excellent Argentinian meat

In Tenerife you can eat excellent meat, especially from Argentina, very well-cooked. The best chefs for the preparation of meat are in the northern and centre parts of the island, such as in Santa Cruz.

Excellent Argentinian meat

Typical Paella

There are plenty of restaurants where you can taste paella, especially with fish.

El Gofio

This flour made from toasted cereals is used in many different dishes: you can have it with milk for breakfast, or as a soup mixed with fish stock. It can also be the base for a dessert if you mix it with honey and almonds. Its origins are ancient: it was consumed by the original inhabitants of Tenerife and, for this reason, it has an important identity value.

Calderata de Pescado

It is a tasty stew of fresh fish, whose main ingredients are different types of fish, such as crayfish, squid, hake, crustaceans, and monkfish. You eat it accompanied with bread flavoured with parsley and potatoes.

Ropa Vieja

This dish comes from South America. It is composed of boiled meat, cooked with peppers, onions, garlic, wine, pepper and tomatoes. You eat it with rice which can be boiled or steamed.


It is a typical Andalusian dish, a cold soup made up of tomatoes and seasoned with Extra Virgin Oil, salt and vinegar and served with toast.


You will find las tapas like in the rest of Spain


Do not forget to try the popular bananas: they are a unique quality considered one of the best bananas in the world.

Tenerife typical desserts

Tenerife typical desserts


One of the most typical and tasty desserts, made of sugar, honey, almond cream, eggs and rum


This delicious dessert is made of milk, maize flour, lemon, eggs and sugar

Barraquito Especial

Coffee, condensed milk, lemon skin, cinnamon and rum wisely mixed


Delicate egg pudding

Las Truchas

Panzerottos filled with pumpkin jam, sweet potatoes and dried fruit (especially almonds), covered with sugar: those produced by craftsmen are really delicious.

Tenerife will not disappoint you! On the island you will find restaurants offering the best of the international cuisine, but we highly recommend you look for those offering the traditional dishes of the Canary Islands!

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