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Trekking Tenerife

Complete guide to trekking in Tenerife

If you are on holiday in the Canary Islands, you are certainly looking for a wonderful beach to enjoy the sun and the sea.

There are a lot of different activities that you can try! One option is represented by trekking: Tenerife is the best spot to do it. Where else can you find such unique flora and fauna and wonderful landscapes?

Here this activity is very common both among the tourists and the locals. Tenerife offers a great network of pathways through enchanting landscapes: from the coast to the heart of the island, as far as Mount Teide you will find something that suits your requirements.

The network of routes across Teide National Park

  • The hill to the top of the volcano
  • The hill leading to Montaña Guajara
  • The loop of Roques de Garcia
  • The hill to Pico Viejo
  • The pathway leading to Mirador de Pico Viejo
  • The pathway leading to Mirador de la Fortaleza

The network of routes across Anaga Rural Park

  • The pathway of Los Sentidos and the complete pathway for Anaga
  • The natural reserve of El Pijaral – Bosque Encantado
  • The wood of Los Enigmas
  • The pathway from Chamorga to Roque Bermejo

The network of pathways in the northern part of Tenerife

  • The pathway from Mount de Agua to Los Silos
  • The pathway for Rambla de Castro
  • The downhill path of Barranco de Masca
  • The loop of Erjos

The network of pathways in the southern part of Tenerife

  • The hill to Montaña Roja, in Medano
  • The lunar landscape of Vilaflor
  • The pathway to Barranco del Infierno
  • The pathway from Arona to Ifonche
  • The pathway of the blossoming almond trees in February
  • The pathway for the constellation observation on Mount Teide
  • The excursion for whale watching in Los Gigantes

There are many more opportunities to go trekking on the island. These were just a few.

Here you will find more information regarding some of these options.



One of the most fascinating places to visit during an excursion is Masca. You can go on foot from Playa de Los Gigantes (where you can also travel by boat) or by jeep, leaving from Puerto de la Cruz. In this case, you will have the opportunity of travelling along roads inaccessible to any other vehicle. Masca preserves its original and unspoiled character, with its typical houses and its unique atmosphere.


You can decide to follow the Camino Real: it is an ancient path, of medium difficulty, surrounded by unspoiled and lush nature. You will enjoy the wonderful view of Mount Teide. In the second part, the path is surrounded by terracing fields, where exotic fruit is cultivated.

Mount Teide

Mount Teide

Teide is definitely the best destination for those who love trekking. You can choose among different options: you can go as far as La Rambleta and try to make an excursion as far as the crater, or you can choose to take the cable-car. Whichever option you decide, Teide will fascinate you with its lunar landscape, its wonderful view and its typical flora.


This pathway will offer you the chance to visit La Laguna, UNESCO World Heritage Site with its interesting buildings and its picturesque local market. From there you can reach Anaga and the near Forest of Las Mercedes.

Pathway in the Southern part of Tenerife

Pathway in the Southern part of Tenerife

Pathway to Montaña Roja in El Medano (3 km, 1 and a half hour): Montaña Roja is a volcano named after its incredible colour. You can see it from different parts of the island: it is a natural partition between the two beaches of Medano and Tejita. This area is constantly windy and is considered a natural reserve. Following the path, you can find a landscape unique from a natural and biological point of view as well as one of the unspoiled dune landscapes of Tenerife.

The lunar landscape of Vilaflor (13 km – 5 and a half hours): this unique landscape is named after the rocks which are reminiscent of those of our satellite. From this path you will admire the wonderful results of this natural erosion process and you will cross the village of Vilaflor, one of the highest in Spain.

Pathway of Barranco del Infierno (6.5 km – 3 hours). One of the most fascinating paths of Tenerife, which ends in a magical place, Barranco del Infierno. Barranco is classified as a special natural reserve because of its geological and archaeological value. Along the way you can see many aboriginal caves and the original flora. The path starts in the village of Adeje, where you can access the reserve of Barranco thanks to special permission.

Excursion from Arona to Ifonche (6.5 km- 3 hours) this path starts in the historical centre of Arona and ends in the small village of Ifonche, passing through three protected sites. Following this path, you will admire Roque del Conde (1.001 meters high), one of the most ancient geological formations of Tenerife. The path continues following an ancient agricultural path used by the original inhabitants of the island. You enter the natural area of Anaga-Chasna, passing through Barranco del Rey and Era de Suárez, as far as Ifonche. Enchanting primitive landscapes will fascinate you from the start to the end.

Blossoming almond trees in February (8km – 3 and a half hours): between January and March, many areas in Tenerife are covered with blossoming almond trees. A very romantic and evocative show can be seen while following one of the special pathways. You leave from Santiago del Teide where you can choose one of the different paths, such as the loop which passes near the volcano Chinyero and Mount Bilma and, then reconnects with Santiago del Teide. Not only is the atmosphere created by the blossoming almond trees magical, but you will also be surrounded by a varied and fascinating landscape, made up of unspoiled nature and ruins of the past.


If you want to try one or more paths, you need to follow some rules and precautions:

  • take plenty of water
  • take warm clothes if you want to reach high spots (such as Mount Teide peak)
  • take a torch
  • choose paths that are suitable to your physique: do not overdo
  • get informed before leaving for your excursion: check websites and agencies, ask for expert guides They will help you get the permission you need.
  • bring food or plan where to rest. Choose one of the bars, restaurants and rest stops located along the way in advance.
  • Last but not least: wear trekking shoes!

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